If you bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, you were probably looking for a nostalgic throwback with the magic of instant printing gratification. Looking for the best accessories to make the most out of that experience? Then look no further: here is the best gear to pair with your new instant camera!

If you're looking for an accessory for every single part of your new Instax mini, then take a peek at this fabulous Leebotree Camera Accessories Fujifilm Bundle. This particular bundle comes with 10 different accessories, including a camera case with a strap, a hard-cover mini album, a close-up lens, colored filters, photo frames, hanging photo frames, cartoon hanging photo frames, colorful sticker borders, corner stickers, and a color card mark pen.

Maybe you want to add a bit more sophistication and class to your mini while still providing ample storage space for other accessories: so why not check out the Katia Mini 9 Instant Camera Retro Vintage PU Leather Bag? This durable bag is designed to fit and store your instant camera and protect it from the dust, dirt, and grime of the outside world. The bag comes in four different colors, including classic brown, baby blue and white, white with Aztec patterns, and Bohemia rainbow.

While you probably knew you could buy different lenses for a DSLR camera, or even your iPhone, you probably didn't know that you could do the same for your Instax mini 9. The Sunmns Close Up Color Lens Filter Set is a set of 12 different filters that add a natural effect to your instant film. You get four colored filters, four cut-out filters, four gradient color filters, a cleaning cloth, and a clear plastic box to store your new filters so they don't get scratched.

If you're looking to add a little layer of protection to your new camera, then we recommend taking a peek at the Katia Hard Camera Case. This hard case saves your mini from dirt, scratches, and dust, and while it's not the most protective case, the additional layer of hard plastic will add a little extra something to your camera just in case you send it flying during a shoot. The Katia Hard Camera Case for FujiFilm Instax mini 9 comes in nine different colors, but we personally like the clear one for simplicity's sake.

So you've used up three rolls of Instax film: now where do you store your printed masterpieces?! That's where the CAIUL Instax mini 9 Photo Album comes in. This particular accessory is fantastic for looking back on memories and admiring your instant photography: just pop open the album and slide in the image into one of the 64 plastic pockets and you'll be able to peek back on the moments that truly made you smile.

If you're looking for a stylish, smart, convenient bag for your Instax mini 9 and don't know where to start, then we recommend taking a gander at the Fintie Protective Premium Vegan Leather Camera Bag! It's made from a soft yet durable premium vegan leather with a microfiber interior to protect your instant camera from dust and scratches. The best part about this bag? The awesome color and pattern selection, along with how you don't need to take it out of the case to shoot: simply flip open the upper flap, turn on your camera, aim, and click.

There are so many different types of film available for your Instax, but they can get pretty pricey, which is why one terrific option is the Sunmns 120 Colorful Photo Insta Film Sheets. These accessories work like basic stickers, allowing you to add custom patterns and borders around your Fujifilm Instax mini 9 film in an instant. This particular set has adorable fruit and star patterns, little hearts and polka dots, abstract, vibrant shapes and patterns, and so, so much more!

Picking out the perfect Fujifilm Instax mini 9 color is tough, but finding accessories can be even more challenging: that's why we put together this list! There are so many options out there to choose from, but luckily with affordable, adorable accessories like the Katia Mini 9 Instant Camera Retro Vintage PU Leather Bag and the CAIUL Instax mini 9 Photo Album, you won't have to feel guilty about ordering more than one thing at a time. Good luck shopping, and have fun shooting with your Instax mini!

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