Our range of toilet pan connectors comes in a variety of shapes to suit the design of your toilet, with choices from brands including FloPlast, Fluidmaster, Hunter and Multiwick. From straight to bent and flexible extension connectors, we have essential toilet spares and plumbing parts to suit any installation, helping you complete your project easily.

Flexible pan connectors have an adjustable length to fit a wide variety of toilet types, whilst maintaining a strong and reliable connection. Our range offers multiple sizes including 200-250mm and 270-630mm, ensuring that you can easily find a flexible pan connector to fit your system.

Our straight pan connectors are the perfect choice when your soil pipe and pan spigot are aligned, offering good gripping quality for a firm watertight connection. For bathrooms where the space between the soil pipe and pan is too big, an extension pipe is an ideal way to bridge the gap.

If you have a close coupled toilet or limited space in your bathroom, a swan neck pan connector is a great way to accommodate your toilet pan, so that the cistern sits closer to the wall.

30mm Pvc Conduit Pipe

For domestic repairs, maintenance and improvement, bend pan connectors and offset pan connectors are another flexible option that makes the most of unconventional plumbing setups and spaces in your home.

To make sure you’re fully equipped for every plumbing job, shop our selection of plumbing tools and accessories for soldering equipment and washers, alongside our extensive range of cisterns and fittings for your toilet.

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