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The colder months usher in the desire for sleeping in a little longer. At work, eyelids droop constantly, and all anybody complains about is the bitter chill seeping into their bones. The threat of falling productivity looms constantly at the horizon.

As a business owner, winter doesn’t have to be a time for mounting heating expenses for you. By ensuring that your fuel burners have access to the right kind of fuel, not only can you cut costs, but your work environment can also be a highly comfortable area to maximize the efficiency of your employees.

All carbon-based fuels come from crude oil, which undergoes fractional distillation to separate its hydrocarbon constituents based on the boiling points of those constituents. Lighter hydrocarbons such as methane rise to the top while heavier hydrocarbons such as heating oil sink to the bottom.

Heating oil is an umbrella term for a wide range of fuel formulae with different proportions of carbon and hydrogen in their hydrocarbon chains. It has a similar consistency to motor oil and produces more heat than alternatives fuels of the same quantity. It is exclusively used for heating purposes, and in some countries, it is taxed less in comparison to other fuels to encourage their usage.

If you are planning on switching to an alternative fuel such as heating oil, you will need to ensure that your fuel is stored safely away when not in use, especially if you plan on transporting the fuel to your or your subsidiary’s office buildings. A bunded or double-walled fuel tank has a space between the tank where the fuel is kept and the outer wall to capture any overflowing fuel to ensure that you aren’t losing product or contaminating the environment.

You can head over to Able sales to buy their reliable bunded diesel fuel tanks. The website has a list of features and all the relevant information you will need to make an informed and satisfying choice.

Now that you know what heating oil is and the best way to store it, you may ask why would you choose heating oil over its alternatives? The answer to this lies in the following points raised below:

Despite the advances in technology reducing fatality rates, human error is an unavoidable factor. Fortunately, with heating oil as fuel, any leaks, spills, or burning of this fuel will not result in poisonous fumes being released. The fumes from the fuel also do not easily ignite. Overall, with well-maintained heating systems, there are no risks to the safety of your employees if you choose to use this oil for your office heating needs.

Furthermore, it takes 400 degrees more for oils to burn than it does for gases making heating oil a much more efficient fuel than natural gas or electricity. The heating effect of using this oil is also much faster than that of alternative fuels.

If your heating system is well cared for, burning heating oil should lead to no release of carbon dioxide or grit. The US federal government does not regulate these emissions because they are too insignificantly low.

Hence, through the use of heating oil, your business is reducing its carbon footprint, and raking in the esteem and business of environmentally-conscious customers. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Oil heating systems are constantly evolving to help users cut down on oil consumption and costs. Thus, newer heating systems are much more economical and last longer than their ancestors.

Combined with heating oil’s propensity to burn more slowly than other fuels, choosing such a system is an attractive option for businesses wanting to reduce their overall expenditure.

Because heating oil can come in different formulae, some companies will add substances to their heating oil if it is low in sulfur to boost its lubricant properties. These additives can also cause the oil to simultaneously power boilers as well as clean them to minimize maintenance costs. Moreover, they can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which further lowers your carbon footprint.

A variant of heating oils, which is the industrial heating oil, has a very low pour point (-25 degree Celsius). Some fuels such as red diesel or gas oil, on the other hand, have grades with lower or higher pour points. The pour point tells us the temperature at which a liquid loses its flowing characteristics.

Thus, when winter approaches, fuels with high pour points will freeze up and block the heating system leading your business to incur additional expenses for repair. With industrial heating oil, you can use the same fuel for both summer and winter.

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Sometimes, it’s difficult to give your employees the optimum working conditions while ensuring that your costs don’t spiral out of control. Fortunately, through the use of heating oil, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. This low cost and efficient oil have got your back, especially when the frigid winds of winter are blowing your way.

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